Steve Johnson
Commonwealth Financial Group

Our Process


We recognize that every client situation is unique. It is therefore critical for us to have a full understanding of your specific financial situation and goals before we make any recommendations.

How We Work:

Fit, data gathering, goal setting

To be truly effective, wealth must serve your purpose. We start with a discussion about your wealth, define your core principles and motivations, and create a context in which to build your personal plan. As you consider where you are going, your personal history influences your choices. That is, your life story and lessons learned. To meaningfully serve you, we need to truly understand the goals that you wish to achieve through planning, as well as, your financial and non-financial assets. We accomplish this by conducting an in depth review that drives to who you are and what you care about most

Review, analysis, design

The first part of developing your blueprint involves scenario planning and analysis, where we consider β€œwhat if” situations around cash flow planning, retirement planning/asset allocation, saving strategies, estate planning/legacy, and tax efficiencies. The process will assist with scenario planning and allow us to examine the implications of different life events. Your financial information is collected and reviewed. A comprehensive analysis of your financial picture is essential in determining where you are today and whether your current path is in line with your core values and future dreams.

Recommendation and delivery

The underlying protection components of your plan are analyzed, uncovering areas of exposure and providing solutions to help protect current wealth and future success. It is a key deliverable and provides a summary of the conclusions reached throughout the discovery process.  It presents a specific strategy detailing the recommended action steps for the planning opportunities that offer the greatest potential benefit for you at this time. 


All components of your finances are coordinated and integrated. Various strategies are designed and evaluated, allowing us to co-create economically efficient solutions that serve your true purpose.

Ongoing monitoring and support 

Step by step, we guide you through the implementation phase of your plan. As we monitor progress towards your goals it will be important to establish a structured routine of reviewing your plan on a continued basis.